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Building Joy, Helping Kids Overcome Anxiety

Does it break your heart as a parent to watch your child worry? We know from God’s Word that we are not supposed to be anxious about anything, so why are our little ones biting their nails and complaining of tummy aches because of over-active thinking? Mo Mydlo has a heart for children that struggle with anxiety. Mo was a worried child at one time and now that she is a wife, mother, ordained minister and published author it is her heart’s desire to see every child free from the burdens of anxiety. In Building Joy you will find 20 practical techniques that will help your child break free from fear once and for all.

Overcoming Anxiety

Find the peace you pursue in God


You may be one of the many individuals who struggle with anxiety believing that you must be medicated or be under the care of a physician to find the peace you so desperately desire.  The truth is that the peace you pursue is freely given to you in God’s Word. Overcoming Anxiety will show you how to dig for this peace out yourself.


You will be motivated to break the bondage of anxiety through interactive materials such as:

  • Questions for personal reflection
  • Scriptures for reference and memorization
  • Positive confessions to say out loud
  • Journal writing prompts

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The Grace Race

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed dealing with the anxieties of this life? Do you need a little help from above? The good news is Jesus offers us everything that we need to overcome the struggles that we face in this world, wrapped in a pretty bow called GRACE. Stay in the race. God’s grace is everything to us. Walk with me through this bible study designed to help you trust and obey God, overcome insecurity, live & love on purpose, discover & walk in the strength of God’s grace in your life.

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Notes From A Titus Woman: The A-Z of Caring for Your Home and Family (Volume 1)

Times continue to change drastically for new wives and mothers. Many women find themselves seeking for wisdom anywhere they can find it where raising their family is concerned. There are so many different opinions at our fingertips to choose from. It is often overwhelming for us. In years past, the extended family lived with or within walking distance of other relatives, giving them the encouragement, education and confidence they required to raise Godly children. Unfortunately, this is rare today. In the book of Titus, God specifically calls the older woman to teach these young women how to live righteously as wives and mothers. Will you allow an experienced wife and mother to meet you at the clothes line and share these truths with you? Written in a simple A to Z fashion for busy wives and mothers, each letter of the alphabet represents a life lesson easily applicable to everyday life.

Perfect Love

The bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear. We all want to live a life absent of fear. But, what is perfect love? I believe perfect love is the presence of God in your life. Jesus Christ is Perfect Love. We can get to know Perfect Love better by watching as He related to many different women in the bible. These women are just like us, lost until they found a Savior. Jesus Christ promises to never leave us and never forsake us. These women realized that they were Unforsaken, and so are we. Enjoy getting to know Perfect Love face to face. You are Unforsaken!

I Go Before You: A Companion For Your Journey Through Emotional Healing

There is no doubt that though we are loved and cherished by God, He allows us to face trials that will strengthen our faith. Persecution, struggles and trials teach us perspective. In the twenty-second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we see Jesus talking to the Apostle Peter about Satan’s desire to “sift him like wheat.” Nothing will grow you up spiritually and make you run to the feet of Jesus for strength and courage like hitting your human bottom. Nothing will make you cry, “Abba, Father!” like feeling lonely, afflicted and forgotten. I am here to be your Peter. I am here to strengthen my sisters as you face trials of your own. I believe that a companion in times of joy – as well as in times of troubles – is a blessing from God. To have a friend that will say, “Been there, done that” can sometimes just give us that extra boost to hold on longer. I pray that your faith is strengthened on this journey, and I pray that you develop a love for Jesus that surpasses any love that you have ever felt or experienced here on earth.

Keepin’ It Real: A Glimpse into Real Marriage and Parenting

After 20 years of marriage and raising a family, you realize it’s important to not always take yourself so seriously. Kids are funny! Embarrassing moments are funny! Life is funny! Join Mo as she entertains you with lessons that the Mydlo family learned; sometimes the easy way, and sometimes the hard way. The goal of this book is to make you smile and to see that the bible rings true in saying; “laughter is good medicine.”